Terms & Conditions

Garden Entry Booking

Thank you for your booking. Please read the following terms & conditions regarding your visit.


To keep people as safe a possible during this pandemic we have installed the following safety measures. Please make sure you adhere to these measures for the safety of all our visitors. Firstly, to ensure the Gardens do not become overcrowded we have limited the number of visitors each day. We have also installed a one-way system, social distancing signage, additional cleaning procedures and safety protocols for all our staff.

Please note that once you have entered the Gardens you may stay as long as you like. However, you may need to wait a few minutes on entry if several families have arrived at the same time.

If you plan to have a picnic please do this at a social distance from others and we would recommend bringing your own hand sanitiser.


Parking is free.

Garden Opening

The Gardens open at 10.00am and close at 5.30pm. We therefore recommend that you start to make your way back to your vehicles around 5.00pm.

Please note that in the event of force majeure (conditions such as high winds), we may have to close the gardens and cancel your booking at short notice. This would be for health and safety reasons beyond our control. We therefore advise that you check our website on the day of your booking for any closure notifications. Any notifications will be posted by 9.00am.


Please note that your tickets will be non-refundable, except under conditions of force majeure.

Thank you for your booking, we hope that you enjoy your day!

Season Ticket Purchase

Thank you for purchasing a season ticket to our Gardens, this will be posted out to you shortly. You are welcome to use your confirmation order to visit the Gardens if you want to visit before your ticket arrives.