Terms & Conditions


Parking is Free, there is no charge to park your car.


Please note that your tickets will be non-refundable,
If the gardens are forced to close you will be able to change the date of your ticket to another suitable day subject to garden availability. Please Contact  us to inform us of the date that you require the ticket changing to.

Garden site Closing times (strict)

Our Main Garden Entrance (Gate from the public road) will be locked at the stated closing time. Please ensure you have removed your Vehicle by that time. This ensures our Staff can get themselves home on time at end of day. We recommend you start heading for your vehicle half an hour before the stated closing time. see Visitor Information.
Last admittance is 1hr prior to closing time to prevent locked in cars.

Severe Weather Conditions

We retain the right to close the Gardens at short notice due to extreme weather for your safety.
If the Gardens are promoted as Open (on home page) at the point of starting your journey to us, we guarantee you will NOT be turned away even if the gardens status changes to closed during your journey.
You will still be given at least 2 hours but no later than closing time to enjoy the facilities.
If the Gardens status has changed to closed on arrival you will have the option to request that your ticket Date be changed.
This offer applies for journeys up to 2 Hours from the registered address of the card purchaser.