Terms & Conditions

Booking Confirmation

Thank you for your booking. Please read the following instructions to help make sure your day runs smoothly.

Booking Times

This year we have limited the ticket availability and allocated specific entry time slots. This is to facilitate your admission into the gardens and avoid overcrowding. The time slot given is for your allocated entry time only, after which, you are invited to remain at the event and complete the course at your leisure.


We have provided the option of pre-paying for parking, which should facilitate access to the event. Please note, parking tickets will be scanned on entry so please have them readily available. Your parking ticket includes adult admission to the gardens. Season ticket holders receive free parking for one vehicle.

Pumpkin Hunt

After parking your car, please proceed to one of our check-in points, where your admission ticket will be scanned and you will receive your activity sheet. There will be twelve pumpkins hidden around the gardens and arboretum, each will have their own unique face carved on them with a corresponding number. Follow the route around the gardens, hunting high and low for the pumpkins. When you find one, draw the face of the pumpkin onto your activity sheet. They will be in numerical order, so if you miss one, you can retrace your steps until you find it. Look out for the witch and write down where you have spotted her. Upon completion, please return to our check-out station to claim your prize. Happy hunting!!!.

For Your Safety

We want you to enjoy your visit, but please take care as historic sites can be dangerous. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure your safety and that of your children.

Please be aware there are potential hidden hazards such as sunken ponds and deep water, therefore parents are advised to keep a close eye on their children at all times. For this reason, no pumpkins will be hidden near the water’s edge. Instead, they will be visible from the path on the designated route.

Please also refrain from attempting to climb and reach the pumpkins, keep off the flower beds and avoid climbing on trees, urns, walls and garden ornaments.

Please note that garden machinery maybe in operation and be mindful of any potential slips or trips due to uneven surfaces, therefore we recommend that you stay on the paths.

Lost Children

In the unlikely event that a member of your party should become lost, please report it to a member of staff. They will then follow our safeguarding protocol and coordinate a search. The designated collection point will be the check-out station near the tea room.

Garden and Tea Room Closure

Please note that the gardens will be closed at 4.30pm and the barriers locked, we therefore recommend that you start to make your way back to your vehicles around 4.00pm. The tea room will be open from 10.00am until 4.00pm for refreshments. You are welcome to bring picnics, however, we ask that you refrain from using the tea room tables and stick to the designated picnic areas. The tea room tables are reserved for patrons of the tea rooms only.

Please note that in the event of force majeure (conditions such as high winds), we may have to close the gardens and cancel your booking at short notice. This would be for health and safety reasons beyond our control. We therefore advise that you check our website on the day of your booking for any closure notifications.

Any notifications will be posted by 9.00am.


Please note that your tickets will be non-refundable, except under conditions of force majeure.

Thank you for your booking, we hope that you enjoy your day!